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 Hezbollah condemns militant attack on opposition

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PostSubject: Hezbollah condemns militant attack on opposition   Tue Mar 20, 2007 1:30 am


A Lebanese MP has condemned the recent militant attack against a group of anti-government protestors in northern Beirut.

Ali Ammar, who is a member of Hezbollah, told Alalam TV the assault was carried out by supporters of the country's ruling party, the March 14 Movement.

Among the group of protestors demanding a national unity government was Hezbollah MP Hassan Haj Hassan, Ammar said, adding the attack was a sign of the government's paramilitary nature and its disregard for law.

This is not the first time militants affiliated to the government have resorted to violent means to stop demonstrations, the MP said.

He was referring to a previous deadly attack on innocent citizens trying to stage a sit-in in central Beirut.

Since December 1, 2006, the Hezbollah-led Lebanese opposition has been staging protests outside the Lebanese government headquarters in Beirut, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's western-backed government.

Tensions began to escalate when six ministers resigned after Siniora and the majority in the parliament rejected the opposition's demand for a new national unity government.

Referring to the joint efforts of Iran and Saudi Arabia to resolve the political impasse in Lebanon, Ammar said, "Some officials in the Siniora administration are acting upon the demands of the U.S. rather than the Lebanese people and this has created the main obstacle in the way of efforts to resolve the deadlock."

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Hezbollah condemns militant attack on opposition
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