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 The Americans planned to make him a suicide-bomber

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PostSubject: The Americans planned to make him a suicide-bomber   Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:12 am


An American sniper on the roof of one the buildings in Ahdamiya neighborhood opened fire on a small bus, the bullet caused the burning of the bus.

The passengers who were traveling with the bus [a family] and the driver, miraculously managed to escape the fire.

from the same source, five dead bodies were found in Aana - Anbar province of persons who were arrested a day before by the US occupation forces.

Iraqirabita tell a story about an Iraq interpreter working in an American military base was sent to the city by his bosses to by computer hardware, he took the car but he stopped by friends.

He got suspicious because the Americans call him every now and then asking him if he already in the market, he parked the car in the middle of nowhere ans answered yes, few minutes after that the car exploded. The guy left the country after that to Turkey.

Islamemo [website is off-line at this moment] reported that another US helicopter downed in Haditha, and an Iraqi official denyed that there is an Arab-nationality prisoners in in Iraq.
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The Americans planned to make him a suicide-bomber
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