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 Litany of Israeli 'diplomatic incidents'

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PostSubject: Litany of Israeli 'diplomatic incidents'   Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:06 am

I haven't posted a reference for this, due to some indecent pictures on the site.

Daily Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that the Israeli ambassador to El Salvador for the last 6 months , Tzuriel Refael, 50 years old and single , was found by the residence Police unit in the back yard (some reports say he was in the street) of his residence naked, drunk, bound and gagged, it emerged Monday.

They report that policemen who guard the ambassador's residence found Refael with his hands tied, a rubber ball gag in his mouth and wearing sex toys. (See pic on right)

And why not ?

This is simply further evidence, if needed, that some sort of deviant sexual proclivity, whilst not essential for Israeli diplomatic staff, does help you get and keep the job.

In 2000, Israel's ambassador to France, Eliahu Ben - Elissar aged 68 was found in a hotel (Hotel Atala Champs Elysee) , a swanky 48 room palace in the most prestigious district of Paris -"All the 48 rooms are stylishly decorated and perfectly equipped".) under circumstances the Foreign Ministry refused to publicize and also under a woman who was not his wife at the time. His bodyguards had been stood down. Ben-Elissar served for 10 years in the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence agency, before embarking on a career in politics.

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed Ben-Elissar ambassador to the United States in 1996 and to France in 1998.

Naftali Tamir who represented the apartheid pariah state in sunny Oz told Haaretz that Israel and Australia are white sisters amid "the yellow race" of Asia and was recalled in October 2006.

Amir Laty, an Israeli diplomat was quietly expelled from Australia in 2004 which was blamed on his "close" friendship with the daughter of Federal Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock.

It was speculated in the Australian press that he was a Mossad handler of the three follwing agents ....

In the same year 3 Mossad agents Eli Cara, and Zev Barkan (who had diplomatic status when in Austria and Belgium and Uriel Kelman were run out of Australia. They had been detected stealing New zealand passports. Mossad had used a false Canadian passport in an attempt to assassinate a Palestinian leader in Jordan in 1997.

In 2005, Israel canceled the appointment of a diplomat to replace Amir Laity . It was a Aryeh Scher who was caught at the centre of a child sex scandal in Brazil five years ago. Aryeh Scher, was allegedly photographed in the nude with young girls. (see pic) He had previously been the Vice Consul (!) in Rio de Janierio - where he held parties with a Professor of Hebrew Georges Schteinberg involving (very) young girls. Read more here.

Between them they produced over 100 videos of children, countless photographs which were posted on 9 websites. Scher skipped the country and despite requests, extradition was refused. Arie Scher currently holds the office of first-secretary of the scientific and cultural department of the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Jerusalem.

In September 2005 Netherlands based Uriel Yitzhaki, 55 Israeli consul in the Hague, skipped the country after he was charged with issued 150 duplicate Israeli passports to people who were not entitled to them, in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars and other perks. The The Israeli business journal Globes Online and Haaretz reported he also "unlawful consensual sex" which means sex with a boy or girl aged 12 or younger, as the legal age of consent in the Netherlands is 13.

The head of the Israeli Defence Ministry Mission to Europe, David Dahan, was found dead in the Seine near Rouen in January , this was later described as a suicide although he left his mobile phone at home, and the tracker on his car had been disconnected.

ZAKA, a civilian team best known for its work recovering human remains at terror and accident sites in Israel, which was involved after 9/11 , and the Istanbul synagogue bombings in Istanbul sent a 10 man team to look for him when he went missing.

An Israeli diplomat, Yosef Sagiv Ofri,37 who worked in the Israeli Consulate was arrested on the 1st September 2006 in Atlanta GA on suspicion of computer related offences linked to pornography and the sexual exploitation of children. Ofri was accused of using emails and online messages to seduce a child from a suburb of Atlanta for "illegal acts relating to sodomy, aggravated sodomy, child molestation and aggravated child molestation."[b]
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Litany of Israeli 'diplomatic incidents'
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